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Emily Archer is my guest today. Emily is a relocation consultant and has been assisting expats moving to Berlin since 2015. Originally from Australia, she founded Archer Relocation to use her first-hand experience and professional skills to assist fellow expats moving to Berlin. Before founding her relocation agency, Emily was a professional ballet dancer and an occupational therapist, so she’s used to working really hard and listening to people’s needs and empathize with them. Which is, in my opinion, rare enough in this world to be mentioned.

Emily’s going to talk to us today about moving to Germany, more specifically to Berlin, as a family. Berlin has become increasingly popular the last decade and Germany can be very bureaucratic. If you don’t know what to expect in advance, you may end up in a tricky situation unable to find either a school or a kindergarten or even a home. Emily will share her tips for moving to Berlin as a family.

Some of the topics we discuss include:

What is the Anmeldung? How can you get an Anmeldung before finding a home / moving permanently to Germany?What are the various accommodation possibilities when first moving to Berlin and before you settle in a long-term apartment?

How difficult is it to find a home? What kind of budget should you expect to pay as a family? What kind of paperwork will you be expected to have to constitute your application? What are the particularities of the Berlin housing market?

What are the things you should avoid (scams)?What is the best strategy for finding a school for your school-aged children (6 and older) whilst looking for permanent accommodation? Do the authorities speak English?

How easy is it to find childcare for children under 6? What areas are the worst in terms of chances of finding a spot for childcare?

What is the Kita voucher and how do you get one?And finally what is it like to live in Berlin as a family?

Join us as we cover all this and more tips from Emily for moving to Berlin as a family!

You can find Emily and her range of services on:

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