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“Birth preparation classes in Berlin”, an interview with midwife and birth preparation course instructor Katrin O’Malley

Katrin O'Malley, midwife in Berlin
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In this interview the midwife Katrin O’Malley gives us insider knowledge on how birth preparation classes work in Berlin.

Katrin O’Malley is a Hebamme (midwife) in Berlin. She works out of a gynecologist’s practice in Potsdamer Platz and offers birth preparation classes for first-time parents, rerun birth preparation classes for parents who already have children as well as birth preparation classes for parents with a planned c-section.

Some of the topics we discussed are:
03:30 – What is covered in a birth preparation class in Germany? What is the structure and the length of the class?
15:30 – When should one attend a birth preparation class? What is the ideal time to register for a birth preparation class?
19:00 – What is the difference and pros and cons of an online birth preparation class vs a in-person birth preparation course?
23:20 – What is the advantage of a birth preparation class for second-time parents?
29:20 – Why you should consider attending a birth preparation class if you planned a c-section?
36:40 – Options to attend a birth preparation class when you’re a single mother expecting
38:10 – What is the cost of a birth preparation class in English in Berlin?
40:30 – Katrin’s recommendations

If you want to attend one of Katrin’s classes, you can check her website:

Please note this episode was recorded early 2021.

Resources shared by Katrin:
Mindful Birthing from Nancy Bardacke
Jesper Juul
Osteopath Kerstin Sachse

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