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Is coworking with childcare for you? Interview with Anne Rübsam-Rivierre, founder of Work’n’Kid in Berlin

Anne Rübsam-Riviere, founder of Work'n'Kid in Berlin

In this episode...

Anne is the founder of Work’n’Kid, a new type of coworking office. Long gone are the days of the cold open space office with hundreds of software entrepreneurs pouncing on their laptops, here comes the cozy coworking mixing and matching work with soft-play.

Anne’s story (02:45)

I asked Anne why she founded a coworking space with childcare in the first place, what motivated her and what makes her her best own client.

What is the concept of a coworking space with childcare? (06:40)

Many of you (I know that was the case for me!) might imagine a coworking space with childcare like a nightmare, trying to get a presentation done while children are running around the office. But listen in, you will be surprised…

What are the rooms like? (11:20)

How many desks are there? Is there a kitchen? Can I rent the place for events? What if I have a meeting? Let’s hear what the coworking space has to offer.

What’s the typical profile of coworking parents? (13:40)

For me it would be important to know I am surrounded by like-minded people or at least people I can along with. Anne reflects on what makes the coworking place also a community in the long run.

How much does a coworking space cost? (16:10)

Anne talks us through the various financial options if you want to use the coworking space, with and without the childcare.

Can I get the childcare costs reimbursed? (22:30)

Anne will explain if and how you can some of the childcare costs reimbursed.

How will my child be cared for in the coworking space? (26:00)

If you wonder who will be taking care of your children whilst you finish your presentation, listen until the end as Anne tells us what is offered at Work’n’Kid.

Update from November 2022: Work’n’Kid will sadly soon lose their premises in Friedrichshain. But they are looking to reopen somewhere new soon. We will keep you posted on here as soon as it happens.

Another coworking with children we love at Baby in Berlin is JuggleHub in Prenzlauer Berg. So if you need a place to get that work done whilst knowing your little one is cared for, ehad over to Christburger Straße!

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