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We hear the stories: “breastfeeding was stopped early, or challenging, it was just too hard, I was afraid I did not have enough milk, the baby never latched properly and I got bleeding nipples, plugged ducts, mastitis, the c-section was difficult…”

Most of us no longer have the support of experienced mothers, sisters or friends who have successfully breastfed their babies. Today there are so many new options and therefore it is helpful to have someone with experience to support the process. Preparing to pump for work, learning hand expressing before a c-section, or knowing how to latch baby in the first hour for example.

Trying to learn the process and technique can be exhausting, especially if there are barriers that we as individuals may have around the subject such as: fear, lack of proper education and training prior to delivery, and failure to receive hands-on teaching when baby arrives. Prior training gets you set up for success so you can focus on the happy occasion despite the exhaustion. This is something that is best learnt from another person who has had the experience of helping women successfully.

Working with a professional consultant prenatally gives you support for the moment when you are ready to breastfeed. You will have the knowledge you need to get started when baby is born and is on your chest. Having a plan for yourself and your baby’s breastfeeding experience will set you on the road to success and provide you back up for all the questions that are sure to arise.

Whois this for?

Expecting parents at any stage of the pregnancy. All types of diversity are welcome.

What to expect?

We provide a 60-minute phone/video consultation to facilitate an introduction into breastfeeding. Here are some of the topics we cover: What is the physiology behind breastfeeding? How can you promote it before and after birth? What are the main obstacles to a successful breastfeeding journey? What is normal / not normal and when should you get help?

We want to create a safe space for your questions and let us form a team for success with your breastfed baby.

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Breastfeeding prep consultancy

99 incl. VAT
  • A 60-minute phone/video consultation to facilitate an introduction into breastfeeding

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Gillian Tausend received International Board Certification as a Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) in 2014. Additionnally she is certified as a Prenatal/Postpartum Yoga Instructor, a trained Birth/Postpartum Doula, and an Educator of the FertilityCare™ system. She also enjoys teaching elimination communication, baby sign language, and breathing exercises for birth preparation.  

Gillian was born and raised in New York City and moved to Germany in 2019 with her German husband and their family. Her first child was born in 2009 and her latest in 2022. She is the mother of 6 children and has 13 years of continuous personal and professional breastfeeding experience.