Information & advice for your pregnancy in Germany

Welcome to my podcast Baby in Berlin where I share information and advice in English about having a baby in Germany. On the podcast I dive some specific topics that international parents expecting a baby or who just had a baby might find interesting as they embark on their journey of parenthood in Germany. I also receive pregnancy and birth professionals who explain what they do and answers some of the questions frequently asked by new parents in Germany. 

I hope you’ll enjoy the episodes and find it a useful resource in your new life as parent!



Baby in Berlin - Your Guiding Hand when having a baby in Germany

You just got pregnant and you live in Germany? Or you’re already a few months into your pregnancy and are planning to move to Germany? If you are excited about this new adventure but also a bit worried about understanding what having a baby in Germany is like, you’ve come to the right place. 

I specialize in accompanying future and new parents so they understand everything baby-related in Germany: the pregnancy, the birth, the red tape around a baby’s birth, childcare etc.

About your host

Hello, I’m Elodie and an expert in all baby-related matters in Germany.

I founded Baby in Berlin in 2017 after two pregnancies as an expat mother in Germany, where I suffered from a lack of information and advice about the pregnancy system in this country. I know first-hand what it’s like to not know what to do when, and worst of all, to find out about all my options way too late.

My mission is to help expat families in Germany prepare for their journey to parenthood in Germany in the best way possible.

List of the EPISODES

  • Moving to Berlin as a family
    Interview with Emily Archer
    We are talking about moving to Berlin as a family with Emily Archer, a relocation consultant who has been assisting expats moving to Berlin since 2015. Berlin has become increasingly popular the last decade and Germany can be very bureaucratic. If you don’t know what to expect in advance, you may end up in a tricky situation unable to find either a school or a kindergarten or even a home. Emily will share her tips for moving to Berlin as a family.

  • Ep5: everything you ever wanted to know about doulas
    Interview with Gem Kocher
    In this interview, I had the pleasure and privilege to interview Gem Kocher. We wanted to make a useful resource for all international families in Germany who may hear about doulas and wonder whether they would want one for their family. We tried to answer all the typical questions they and I get from our clients about doulas.

  • Episode 004 - Interview with Jessica Strickmann - part 2
    In this episode Jessica will go into more detail about her work as a Beleghebamme.
    Listen as Jessica explains what a transfer from a home birth to hospital really look like and how she makes sure she’s always available when on call. Jessica will talk us through the details of her work like when should a couple get in touch to secure a spot with her, how much her services cost and what can you do to have the best care if you cannot get a Beleghebamme. Finally, she will reveal to us what she really thinks about doulas and how one can get involved politically to ensure as many parents as possible receive 1-to-1 care at birth.

  • Episode 003: Interview with Jessica Strickmann, Beleghebamme in Berlin - part 1
    In this episode I talk to Jessica Strickmann, an on-call midwife, a Beleghebamme, working in Berlin Sankt Joseph hospital.
    She is the founder of the Erdmutter Kollektiv, a collective of on-call midwives offering prenatal care, birth care and postpartum care to families all over Berlin. She lives in Berlin with her three children. I was really excited to have Jessica agree to this interview, because she is nothing less than a rockstar in the pregnancy and birth world in Berlin. I had to cut this interview in two parts as we had so many topics to discuss. In this first episode, listen as Jessica explains the difference between a Beleghebamme and a “normal” midwife. She will also talk us through the pregnancy care the midwives offer as well as the relationship between midwives and gynecologists during pregnancy, and what you can do if they don’t get along. Jessica will explain the various options in terms of birth places when you have a Beleghebamme and how Covid changed the way parents want to give birth.

  • Episode 002: The first steps of your pregnancy in Germany
    Are you an expat in Germany and just found out you are pregnant? Are you excited but a bit lost as to what to do now? Listen in...
    In this episode I go through topics like: - confirming your pregnancy - finding a midwife in Germany - what type of care do midwives offer - the various types of midwives in Germany - finding a gynecologist in Germany - where to give birth in Germany and how to register - what you may think you need to do but you don't - what to do if your work is too taxing during pregnancy

  • Episode 001: Presentation of Elodie, the voice behind this podcast

    In this first episode I tell you a little about my experience as an expat mum in Germany and how it shaped my current career. I share why I decided to offer these services and what my goal is with my business and with the podcast. For anyone who’s never met or talked to me, start here.