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There is a lot to think about when you’re pregnant, even more so when you’re a foreign country (and maybe don’t speak the language as well as you would like). When do I need to tell my employer about the pregnancy? What is a midwife in Germany and how do I go about finding one? Where is the best option to give birth? What is my entitlement for parental leave, parental allowance or child benefit? How do I get my baby a passport? are frequent questions asked by my clients. From explaining you your options of where to give birth to finding a pediatrician, as well as assisting in filling in your benefits application, I have developed a range of individual services to take this stress off your mind.

I have accompanied dozens of families in Germany through their journey to parenthood, have helped them find a midwife or fill in their Elterngeld application. I have extensive knowledge of the German pregnancy and birth system and am ready to be your guiding hand as a new parent in Germany.  Below you will find my most popular individual services, where I can guide your family through your journey and give you tailored advice.


Elterngeld is an income replacement benefit parents can claim when reducing their working hours to take care of their baby. Let us find out together if you are entitled and how to claim…I have helped hundreds of families with their applications.

The service also includes discussing your entitlement for Mutterschaftsgeld, how the Elternzeit ties in with the Elterngeld, what happens to your health insurance contributions whilst claiming Elterngeld and much more.

I have developed this service as a tailored plan to take through the jungle of parental leave allowance in Germany and optimise the outcome for your family.


Kindergeld is a child benefit for which most parents in Germany are eligible. Most families are entitled to it, regardless of their income, whether they work or not etc.

Sounds great and simple, doesn’t it? Yes, however a lot of families shy away from claiming it because the paperwork seems daunting and they are scared of making a mistake. Let me take care of that for you, I can help you through it all. 


“I’m pregnant, where do I start? What needs to be done and when?” Let us organize your pregnancy and your birth individually step by step…Information and advice are the first steps to making sound decisions for your family’s future.

With these services, I will sit down with you (virtually!), take you where you are in your pregnancy (early or late) and explain everything to you. I will be able to individually guide you through your very own plan for the best pregnancy and birth you could dream of in Germany.


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Breastfeeding may seem to be the most natural thing in the world but it is neither easy nor instinctive for a lot of mothers. A good preparation is key as breastfeeding is a time-sensitive topic, as the first few hours can be decisive in your breastfeeding journey.

Our breastfeeding preparation services with our Gillian, mother of 6 and IBCLC consultant, will give you the necessary knowledge to be ready when your baby comes.

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