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Elodie helped us navigate and decide on how to apply for Elterngeld as 2 freelancers living in Berlin. This was our second born but first child born in Germany and the system was hard for us to understand as self-employed people. She was a huge help both with advice and the nitty gritty of the paperwork and she was still with us months later when I would receive scary looking letters in our Post from the Bezirkamsamt. She was a huge help and relief and honestly very low cost for the help and peace of mind of doing the paperwork correctly and having someone on our side that we could “call” on the topic when needed.


I would highly recommend Elodie to anyone who is trying to understand and/or navigate the parental bureaucracy in Germany. She was an enormous help to us when we are trying to understand and then apply for Elterngeld. Being new to Germany while pregnant she really helped take the stress out of the whole experience; explaining everything, outlining our options, helping us with the application and our follow up questions. We are now going to use her services to navigate the Kindergeld system and application!


Totally recommend Elodie! Without her, not sure I would’ve managed to secure my maternity benefits. Knowledgeable, professional, and responsive.


Your best ally! We are really thankful for the impecable service and knowledgeable guidance that Baby in Berlin offers. We got help with understanding Elternzeit, Elterngeld, how to find a Kita, Kita Gutschein and all the documentation and applications needed. Highly recommend.


Elodie helped us with the Elterngeld application for our second child. Our case was not a simple one since I am a freelancer and was planning to work part-time during my parental leave. She was able to guide us, answering all our advanced questions but also raising interesting points we did not consider. She for instance encouraged me to look into the Mutterschaftsgeld, which we did not consider, allowing us to also apply for this one before it was too late, and resulting in a significant increase in parental benefits for us. We also had a few follow up questions we sent her by emails and she always answered very swiftly and very precisely, allowing us to submit our final application without delays. We warmly recommend Elodie’s services to anyone who needs guidance or simply does not have the time to fill in administrative documents around the birth of their child(ren).


I highly recommend Baby in Berlin: great help, very professional & friendly. Thanks a lot Elodie!


Elodie is the most professional, proactive and detail oriented consultant I ever hired. We were overwhelmed and extremely busy when we first contacted her and she helped with all the paperwork and made our life easier.


Elodie has been the most perfect guide through the maze of giving birth in Berlin. I was 7 months pregnant when we move with my family and Elodie helped me tremendously with everything I needed to give birth.
She is extremely professional and very very kind. She is definitely the best ally to have in this journey 😉
Merci Elodie pour tes conseils, ton efficacité et ton professionnalisme !
Je recommande vivement Baby in Berlin !

We used Baby in Berlin to help with our Elternzeit forms. Elodie is so friendly and answered all our questions. I love 100% recommend their services!


Highly recommend! Elodie helped us design our Elternzeit and Elterngeld application in the most beneficial way for our family and accompanied us in every step of the process. I also took the “How to find a Kita” course and I am so grateful for all that I learned! You will be in great hands!!


Elodie was an incredible help to me and my husband with our Elterngeld application. Everything was dealt with really efficiently and she made some really great points we hadn’t considered. I strongly recommend Baby in Berlin, and I’m so glad I found this helpful service. Having gone through the process now I see how impossibly stressful it would have been to face this alone. Thanks Elodie!


German bureaucracy is never easy to figure out, so I was delighted with the help I got with my Elterngeld application!
Elodie is reliable, always quick to respond and made the whole application process really easy. I would definitely recommend this service!


Baby in Berlin offers professional service with updated information. We finally found a comprehensive way to approach these painful bureaucratic processes and got help in English (which was hey for us!) Elodie cares for her clients and helps families design the best plans for their particular circumstances. 10/10!!


Elodie was a real support during my pregnancy. She was recommended to me by my gynecologist and I’m very happy to have met her! I was feeling lost and stressed with the German bureaucracy and she managed to make it very understandable. She’s a people person who can be trusted. I recommend her to anyone having a baby in Germany!


Elodie’s course is so well presented and well put together that it put our minds at ease while we were expecting our first baby. She walked us through all of the important areas that are necessary (elterngeld, kindergeld, kita searches, baby registration) that it made our to-do list so manageable and easy to take care of even after having the baby. Elodie’s course includes all paperwork as well which makes organising yourself very easy. She’s very approachable and very helpful and there was no question that was too much. Highly recommend


As we were expecting our first child, we often felt overwhelmed by the paperwork and burocrazy behind the whole procedure. Elodie helped us out. Excellent service and absolutely helpful for us!


Elodie was an incredible help to me and my husband with our Elterngeld application. Everything was dealt with really efficiently and she made some really great points we hadn’t considered. I strongly recommend Baby in Berlin, and I’m so glad I found this helpful service. Having gone through the process now I see how impossibly stressful it would have been to face this alone. Thanks Elodie!


I attended Elodie’s birth paperwork workshop and her Kitasuche workshop together with my husband, and I am so glad I did! They’re definitely not just for “brand new” Berliners – I speak German and have lived here 5 years – but truly for everybody, because Elodie’s breadth of experience with parents and kids means that you’ll definitely learn things you didn’t know. Elodie is a warm, engaging, fun, and organized workshop leader. And, thanks to her, I am now better informed and prepared than quite a few of my German friends 😉


I had a pleasure to use Elodie’s services and couldn’t be happier! Her knowledge, professionalism and communication skills make it for a smooth process. Would definitely recommend working with her.


Elodie was super useful , professional and went the extra mile for us. Highly recommended 🙂


We highly recommend Elodie who was a great help for our Elterngeld request. She is a great listener, very kind and professional and expert in the topic. Thanks again for everything Elodie!


In the midst of our admin turmoil, Élodie has been our lighthouse! Not only has she tremendously helped but her professionalism, empathy and clarity as per what to expect made the whole process smooth and allowed us to focus on the most important. I not only warmly recommend her but we are definitely going to use her services when our next baby will be planned!


Elodie is amazing! She provides excellent, in-depth advice and expertise and makes it easy to navigate the complexities of Elterngeld/Kindergeld etc. Highly recommend to anyone having a baby in Berlin.


Elodie saved us so much time with her Elterngeld and Kindergeld services. She made the overwhelming amount of bureaucratic paperwork really easy to do! Not only did she help us with the Elterngeld and Kindergeld forms, but she went above and beyond and helped us with our child’s birth certificate, health insurance forms and various other forms. I’m so happy that her services exist in Berlin!


Elodie’s services have been really helpful. Her explanations are always really clear and her advices what we were looking for. Exactly what we needed in this chaotic times of becoming parents!


Elodie is great! As a freelancer and foreigner from outside of the EU, we had a complicated case to deal with for acquiring Elterngeld. Baby in Berlin really helped us out when we thought we had no other options. We are very grateful for their support and highly recommend their services.


Elodie is a life saver. She has helped my family navigate German paperwork with ease. I would recommend her and her wider team to anyone.


Elodie has a deep knowledge on German admin and will make everything cristal clear for you. She will guide you in the maze with patience and will make sure you’re left with no remaining questions or worries. For my first child, I did everything by myself and by the book, I was employed and didn’t have much questions but realised afterward that my family could have benefited more from the elternzeit/elterngeld, german is not our first language and we didn’t understand everything. So for my second child and because I became a freelancer I decided to be advised on these topics. And I am so happy I did !!! Elodie explained clearly what our options were and thanks to her, all the documents she provides and help filling in the paperwork, I can relax and enjoy my parental leave. I can both take care of my babies and work a bit with a very decent elterngeld which is exactly what I wanted and actually didn’t think it could be possible because of my new status.


Elodie helped my wife and i navigate the German parental leave and benefits with peace of mind and getting the most out. Highly recommend!


Thank you, Elodie, for making the process of getting Elterngeld so smooth and for finding the best solution that fits our family needs! Can recommend anyone who, like me, has a fear of filling in pages and pages on forms in German.


Thanks Elodie for all the support you gave us during my pregnancy. I totally recommend it to anyone moving to Berlín and expecting a baby. She walked as through everything, from finding a Hebamme, choosing the hospital, kindergeld and how to find a Kita. So sad we were not able to meet in person due to Corona but still 100% the online consultation!


Elodie is extremely knowledgable and helps you navigate the German system well.


Fantastic service from Elodie, super helpful and insightful with a great attitude and professionalism.


When it comes to Parental allowance I would always recommend Baby in Berlin. Elodie is my go-to for any questions regarding parental leave or allowance. As our situation ( like for most expats) is a bit tricky and of course our level of German even on the best day is questionable, we would never be able to submit the forms correctly and in time, without her help. Moreover, I really appreciate her taking the time to explain to us, not just do our dirty work in german, but really made us understand our options and how it work. Now 7 months later she still takes the time to answer my questions, and we so appreciate the support and advice she has given us. Not many times can you feel someone got your back with German bureaucracy, this is one of them. Thank you Elodie!


Elodie nous a aidé tout au long de la grossesse puis après! Nous avons pu lui poser plein de questions en tout discrétion puis grâce à elle trouver une super doula et enfin remplir tous les papiers en deux temps trois mouvements. Merci!!!!!


Although I am pretty experienced in German bureaucracy matters, my Elterngeld thing was a bit tricky and also – who wants to be buried under all these papers when you have a newborn and don’t have time? Elodie guided me through all the difficulties like an angel, being quick, efficient and – most of all – supportive. Thank you, I cannot but recommend your services that saved me hours and sanity.


Top service and detailed info from Elodie.
She’s very friendly and experience.
I was so tensed with all the paperwork and system here about having a baby especially my German is never good…
So we chose to find Elodie to guide us through, especially the searching of an English speaking Hebamme, and she helped us to find one on the next day. Really appreciated.
So all in all, we can really be relaxed and enjoy our last few months of “peace”. Thanks Elodie!

Elodie was always available, reactive and supportive when we call for her services (Elterngeld claim). Even if our case was quite complex, she managed it successfully with great professionalism.


I’m so glad that we were able to work with Elodie for our Kindergeld and Elterngeld paperwork! She promptly and thoroughly answered every question I had during the application process. When you have a baby in Berlin, there are so many government forms to fill out, and she makes the process easy! I highly recommend the Kindergeld Application Service and the Elterngeld Premium Package – she fills out the paperwork for you (based on your wishes), and there is zero stress or confusion. She also took time to help us with other baby-related paperwork (health insurance, hospital forms, etc.)! Thanks for all your help, Elodie!