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Your Guiding Hand

When having a baby
In Germany

Baby in Berlin

The original maternity concierge for international families in Germany!

Did you just find out about your pregnancy? Or did you just become a parent in Germany?

Are you over the moon with joy but also a little bit overwhelmed at everything that needs to be done? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place.

My services are here to guide you through the maze of information and bureaucracy that comes with having a baby in Germany. I’ve helped over a thousand families since 2017. 

Just like you, I was an expat mother a few years ago, who didn’t know what to do and when. I would have loved to be able to speak to someone and get to ask all the questions I had in mind, without having to trail through pages of outdated and vague information online.

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Elterngeld Service


My best-selling service where I explain your options in an individual consultation and depending on the package chosen I also assist in filling out the application form and support you until it’s approved.

Kindergeld Service

Kindergeld application form

My all-inclusive application service when I assist in filling out the forms and support you until you get the final approval.

Pregnancy Organisation

pregnant lesbian couple sitting on a sofa with a pair of pink baby shoes

In one consultation we will explore everything you need to do when you find out about your pregnancy in Germany. Ready, steady, organize!

Online Courses

Multi-ethnic couple and their baby happily looking at an iPad

My online courses are a budget-friendly option to get all the information needed from finding a midwife to applying for Elterngeld!

What makes Baby In Berlin unique

Reliable & Efficient

I am an expert in the field of parenthood for expats in Germany. I have helped over a thousand parents across Germany through a stress-free start as a family since I started the business in 2017. The range of experience and expertise I am bringing in terms of dealing with German baby paperwork is unique.

Kind & Mindful

Your life path as parents is unique and precious. I want to be there for you, to explain the possible options for your individual situation so you feel empowered to make the best decision for your family. I welcome and value all types of diversity, and I treat every piece of information confidentially.

Open & Passionate

I see it as my passion and my mission to make sure that as many families as possible are accompanied throughout this journey. I strive to deliver the highest possible quality of work to my clients. My goal is to ensure you don’t go through what I had to endure.

Blog and podcast

In my blog I regularly publish articles aimed at simplifying your life as a new, future or seasoned parent in Germany. From how to rent a breastpump to the intricacies of Elterngeld, I’ve got you covered. My information is based on reliable sources, hundreds of hours of research and feedback from thousands of clients. In my podcast I also share interviews of other professionals who might be useful in your parenthood journey in Germany. 

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Satisfied clients

“In the midst of our admin turmoil, Élodie has been our lighthouse! Not only has she tremendously helped buther professionalism, empathy and clarity as per what to expect made the whole process smooth and allowed us to focus on the most important. We are definitely going to use her services for our next baby!”


One baby, one tree

With my programme “One baby, one tree”, I commit to planting one tree for every family that enrolls my individual services. I use the reforestation programme offered by Bergwaldprojekt e.V. in Germany, planting a diversity of native trees to Geman forests. 

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